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Wedding dress shopping tips — for before you leave home

Wedding dress shopping tips — for before you leave home

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most memorable and magical parts of the pre-ceremony preparations. Seeing yourself in the exact right dress for the very first time is wondrous. The whole process, from planning to purchase, should be genial and gratifying. If you do your homework, it more likely will be.

What’s the homework? Going over the following half-dozen things that need to be considered and settled before you set foot out the door. Once you’ve pondered the suggestions and made the decisions required, you’re ready to head over to your favorite bridal salon and have a ball.

Let’s get started…

1. Set your budget before you begin your wedding dress search. Once you’re actively shopping, inform the salesperson of your price range up front. It will make the experience simpler and more enjoyable to look at dresses you know you can afford. Don’t worry that you won’t find a beautiful dress without giving an arm and a leg. New York Bride & Groom carries exquisite gowns in a variety of price points.

2. Have the date and location of your wedding nailed down before you start shopping. These factors are extremely important for selecting a dress that’s appropriate for your event. The ideal dress for a July beach wedding will be completely different from one that’s perfect for a cathedral wedding in December.

3. Like the old saying goes, too many cooks spoil the broth. Limit your shopping party to a few close friends and family. A bit of feedback is great when you’re trying on dresses, but too much can easily become counterproductive. This is about finding your dress for your wedding. When there are clashing opinions within your party, remember that in the end, yours is the only one that truly counts.

4. Let the salesperson know what you like and don’t like about the dresses you’re being shown. Don’t worry about being a bridezilla — just remember to “say what you mean, mean what you say, but don’t say it mean.” You won’t hurt anyone’s feelings by being honest. In fact, you’ll make the process easier for everyone involved.

5. Try on wedding dresses you hadn’t previously imagined yourself wearing. There aren’t any rules and you aren’t under any obligation so explore your options. Even the dresses you don’t like could have characteristics or embellishments that, once you’ve seen them on you, are worth searching for in another style.

6. Don’t talk yourself into making the search for the right dress an arduous task. Think about it this way: you know your own taste and you know what looks good on you. It’s entirely possible for you to find “the one” on your first trip to New York Bride & Groom. There’s no need to force yourself to visit every bridal shop within three counties simply because you think this process has to be long and involved. It doesn’t — and, in fact, it shouldn’t be. Listen to your heart and just say yes when it tells you to.

Okay, that’s it; you’re all set.