Wedding Tips
Planning checklist for a stress-free wedding

Planning checklist for a stress-free wedding

Every bride dreams of a perfect wedding day; and each bride knows a perfect wedding day centers on planning. You can take much of the stress out of your wedding arrangements with the following wedding planning checklist. Ideally, you should start planning a full year before your nuptials to make the process as easy as possible.

10 to 12 Months Prior to Your Wedding Date

  • Set your budget

  • Choose your wedding colors

  • Select your wedding date and time

  • Choose and reserve your ceremony and reception venues

  • Choose your bridesmaids, groomsmen and ushers

  • Book your wedding officiant

  • Start your guest list

  • Shop vendors, including a photographer, caterer, musician/band/DJ, florist and so on.  Also, begin tasting with caterers

Eight to 10 Months Prior to Your Wedding Date

  • Select vendors and sign contracts with them

  • Look into wedding insurance

  • Visit bakeries to get cake ideas and enjoy cake tastings

  • Start shopping for your wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses

  • Plan your honeymoon

  • Reserve hotel rooms for out-of-town guests

  • Register at your favorite store

Four to Six Months Prior to Your Wedding Date

  • Meet with your officiant

  • Shop for bridesmaids dresses

  • Begin to plan your honeymoon

  • Select and purchase your wedding invitations

  • Send save-the-date cards

  • Compose a schedule of events for your wedding day

  • Arrange transportation

  • Reserve necessary items for the ceremony and reception

Five to Four Months Prior to Your Wedding Date

  • Reserve your rehearsal venues

  • Select and order your wedding cake

  • Visit your stationer to get a sample of your wedding invitations

  • Arrange for makeup and hair artists

  • Purchase your shoes for your wedding gown and arrange your first dress fitting

  • Select your music

Three Months Prior to Your Wedding Date

  • Ask those you’d like to toast you and your groom on your wedding day to prepare their remarks

  • Order favors

  • Finalize your wedding day menu and flowers

  • Finalize the readings

  • Finalize the ceremony and reception order

  • Contact your vendors with your schedule of events

  • Buy your rings

Two Months Prior to Your Wedding Date

  • Have your bachelorette party

  • Submit a wedding announcement to the newspaper

  • Send out your wedding invitations

  • Go over your music selection with the musician/band/DJ

  • Meet with your wedding photographer

One Month Prior to Your Wedding Date

  • Enter your RSVPs into your guest list database

  • Set checks aside for vendors

  • Pick up your wedding gown

  • Provide a timeline of the wedding events to your wedding party

  • Reconfirm the times of arrival with your vendors

Week of Your Wedding

  • Have your hair cut and colored

  • Purchase bridesmaids gifts

  • Confirm appointments for your makeup and hair

  • Purchase beverages for the reception

  • Pack for your honeymoon

Day of Your Wedding

  • Take a deep, cleansing breath, relax and savor every moment