Wedding Tips

Checklist for moving into your new married home

You walked down the aisle in the perfect wedding dress. The ceremony was a smashing success and so was the reception. The honeymoon was a dream come true and neither of you will ever forget it.

Now comes the real-world stuff — first up, time for one or both of you to move into the new house, condo or apartment that will be your married home. Moving can be a major undertaking and you want it to be as stress-free as possible. Use the following checklist to make the move from “my” home to “ours” a seamless transition. (Note: Some of these items might not apply to your situation so just skip them.)

8 Weeks Before

  • Call moving companies for estimates.
  • Remove and dispose of unnecessary possessions from your closets, attic, basement, storage sheds, etc.
  • Start compiling an inventory of your possessions.
  • Get a floor plan (with room dimensions) of your new home to help you decide what furnishings you want to keep and what room they will go in.
  • Start using up things you can’t move, such as perishables.
  • Start a file of moving-related papers and receipts.
  • Arrange to transfer your children’s school records and family medical records.

6 Weeks Before

  • Choose your mover and sign a contract with them.
  • Contact the IRS and/or your tax advisor for tax-deductible information.
  • Evaluate your possessions inventory and dispose of unwanted possessions (moving/garage sale, donations to charities).
  • Secure off-site storage, if applicable.
  • Locate schools, healthcare professionals, and hospitals in your new location.
  • Notify the following of your change of address:

– Banks and credit unions
– Credit card companies
– Church, clubs, and social organizations
– Relatives and friends
– Internal Revenue Service, Social Security Administration
– Insurance agent, lawyer, tax/financial advisor
– Magazine subscriptions
– Post office
– Employers and unions

5 Weeks Before

  • Contact your homeowners insurance agent about coverage for moving and secure more if necessary.
  • Contact insurance companies (auto, homeowners, medical, and life) to arrange for coverage in your new home.

4 Weeks Before

  • Send furniture, drapes and carpets for repair/cleaning as needed.
  • Create file of important papers, such as auto license, registration documents and title; medical, dental and school records, birth certificates, wills, deeds, stock certificates, and other financial documents.
  • Contact utility companies (natural gas, electric, heating oil, water, telephone, cable TV, scavenger/trash collection) with date to discontinue/transfer service at your old home and start/transfer service at your new home. Also arrange for final readings and bills, including refunds on prepaid services.
  • If moving from an apartment, arrange for refund of your security deposit.
  • Discontinue additional home services (housekeeper, gardener/lawn service, snow removal, and pool cleaner).

3 Weeks Before

  • Make travel plans, if necessary.
  • Arrange to close existing bank accounts and open new accounts in new area, if necessary.
  • Notify your state’s department of motor vehicles of your new address.
  • If necessary, arrange for childcare on moving day.

2 Weeks Before

  • Arrange transport for your pets and plants.
  • Service your car for travel to new area.
  • Contact your moving company and review arrangements for your move.

1 Week Before

  • Pack moving essential boxes, important documents, travel clothes, personal items, and prescription medications.

2-3 Days Before

  • Confirm final arrangements with your mover.

Moving Day

  • It’s time to officially begin setting up your new home with your spouse. Congratulations.